1. with fluid emphasis on caliber (especially as a protocol) 
 2. to reappraise with vigor  
1. calibrating with regards to quality or level of ability 
2. reexamining standards toward something according to an unfolding series of realizations
1. an ongoing process of tinkering 
2. a method of abduction 
3. some big-ass mechanized golem from Joe Mad’s late 90s comic BATTLE CHASERS
1. an alternative cosmology proposed by British physicist Julian Barbour which replaces classic Newtonian dynamics of absolute space with a Machian Principle of kinematics, reformulating the history of the universe as a timeless curve or frameless receptacle comprising all possible Nows 
2. the space of possible configurations of the universe 
3. a plurality within a unity 
4. a knitting together of instants of time 
5. a collection of snapshots 
6. comicbooks (see also: life)

Howdy y’all. Just a dude (he/him/they) with ADHD and some English degrees too lazy to go back to university but with a wont to talk at length about comics, movies, books, poetry or whatever else flits my fancy—this is where I do it. Currently located in Alaska. This is my last frontier.

I go by the handle @CalibrettoPlato on Twitter. (Don’t get your hopes up, I’m a terrible shitposter.)
For general questions or work-related inquires, you can contact me at calibrettoplatonia@gmail.com